History, Geography and the National Parks

Retail-Guide-PreviewI was watching The Revenant the other night and I really enjoyed it. Parts of it are very intense, but the cinematography is amazing and the scenery is beautiful. It is based on the true story of Hugh Glass an American frontiersman, trapper, and explorer.

I have always loved history, especially the history of the US and the West. Visiting our National Parks has really renewed this interest. I feel like Craig and I have been walking through history when we visit the parks and historic sites. I have also learned so much about where the parks are located. I had general ideas about where certain places were, but now I can locate them much faster, tell you what is near the parks and how to get there. I can map a great route for a road trip, find other great sites to visit and tell you about towns and cities nearby. Trip Advisor has been such a helpful resource. The people on their message boards are great. I also love getting books out of our local library. Then, if I decide I like the book I can purchase it for our trips.

When you visit the parks, the ranger led tours and talks are wonderful for learning. You can check for schedules online before you go. They will also be listed at the visitors centers and in the park newspapers. There are geology talks, star viewing, ranger led hikes and walks, nature talks, history talks, animal talks and much more! Most parks also have a museum. 


I wish my family had visited more National Parks when I was younger. I would have learned so much about the history of our country. I hope many people will visit the parks in 2016 for the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service!



Hiking Stick Medallions

Walking stick medallions



Another fun thing to collect from your National Park visits are hiking medallions. Most of the park visitor centers or gift shops have them. Some have several different kinds. There are general designs and also medallions for specific hikes.

I found a great light hiking stick in Bar Harbor, Maine when we visited Acadia, so I have been buying some medallions to put on it soon. I first saw the medallions in Yosemite, but I did not have a walking stick then.

Check out how people put medallions on their walking sticks on my Pinterest Hiking and Walking board.

Someday, I hope my walking stick will travel along with us in our Airstream!

Walking Stick